Can I do this with Frontier or Radio Userland??

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Mon Jan 6 20:47:23 PST 2003


Sorry this is going to be a bit complicated. I'm trying to figure out 
if Frontier/Radio Userland is capable of doing something like this...

Basically I'm trying to set up something that's kind of a variant 
cross between a blog and a discussion forum.

Here's what's involved:

1. Person A posts several entries (either blog-style and/or 
discussion topic style) every day
2. Person B "replies/comments" to those entries and adds new entries.

So far this is very much like a e-mail going back and forth...

3. (next day) Person A will want to print out the "e-mail" including 
*full* replies/comments. Basically you can look at this like the 
entries in a discussion forum, but in "expanded" format, as if #1 
above consisted of main topics in an outline and #2 above consisted 
of subtopics (replies) and main topics (new entries).
     Here's a catch: Person A will only want to print out:
         A. All new entries posted by Person B
         B. All old entries posted by Person A that have replies from Person B
         (Maybe this could be done with a "list all entries that have 
a modification date of x and list all entries with comments that have 
a mod date of x")

4. Person A will then post more entries and/or reply to person B's 
entries and/or person B's replies.

5. Person B will then need to print out the same items as person A, that is:
     A. All new entries posted by Person A
     B. All old entries posted by Person B that have replies from Person A

And so forth.

Basically, if you take a typical blog such as Radio Userland, 
"expand" the comments so they show on the same page as the blog 
entries, *and* have the entries listed in chronological order of 
*comments* (or blog entry if no comments), *then* let me format it so 
it only shows e.g. all blog entries and comments modified on that 
date, that would pretty much be what I'm looking for...ideally.

I hope this isn't too complicated a question. Thank you for your time!

Best regards,
Ed Wu
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