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TQ White II tq at
Thu Jan 9 20:28:46 PST 2003

I loaded Mozilla 7.0 on my OS 9 Macintosh today. All that talk about 
Safari's lack of tabs made me want to get some. It's pretty nice.

There's only one problem. It gives me trouble with Frontier.

When I render a page (I still use Frontier the old fashioned way), it 
gives me an error and doesn't want to preview the page in Mozilla.

I debugged my little brain off and discovered that the problem is with

	webBrowser.openURL (adrPageTable^.url)

in releaseRenderedPage.

When webBrowser.openURL() runs (even from the Quick Script dialog), 
it successfully sends the URL and opens the page but it also 
generates an error message telling me that it

	"Couldn't complete the message to "Mozilla" because of the 
following error."

The situation is weird because the actual error number changes 
without obvious pattern and the numbers don't mean anything when I 
look them up (eg, -1292, 6656).

I inserted a 'try' to control the openURL routine's error and that 
got me back in business. Still, I don't like changing Frontier code 
and also don't like not understanding.

Anyone seen such a thing? Have any of you had better experience with 
Mozilla/7.0 and OS9?

Any suggestions?




TQ White II

tq at


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