Copying Sites

Tom Donovan donovant at
Sun Jan 19 12:10:49 PST 2003

Set one sit up the way you want, and then make it available as a theme
(Prefs>Advanced>Theme).  Download the theme file and put it into the Guest
Databases/Ops/Themes folder on your server.  Finally, log into each of the
secondary sites and open Prefs>Themes, select and apply your theme.  (Note:
If the theme doesn't appear in the list, give it a few minutes, Frontier
will automatically detect it.)


Tom Donovan                                Hawthorn School District 73
Coord. of Info. Systems, Webmaster         Vernon Hills, IL

On 1/18/03 7:50 PM, "Nathaniel I. Cordova" <ncordova at> wrote:

> Dear Lawrence:
> Forgot to ask. I've got what I think is a basic structure I want for my
> class sites. How do I copy this site so that I can have three equal sites?
> I would then go ahead and make any needed changes to the other copies.
> Best,
> NC
> ncordova at

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