Re(2): CPU usage

Jan M.J. Storms jan at
Mon Jan 20 17:27:08 PST 2003

See if config.mainresponder.prefs.flDebug is set to true.

If that is the case, set it to false and empty config.mainresponder.debugLog.


Bruce Cornett scripsit dd. Mon, 20 Jan 2003 13:36:27 -0500

>manilaWebsites was 14 MByte
>Config was 34.5 MByte
>when I wrote the note asking the question.
>After going through a  open/save-as/ routine, manilaWebsites is now 10.5 
>MBytes and Config remained the same - 34.5 MBytes.
>I would guess that manilaWebsites would grow into the several hundreds of 
>MBytes if a person were successful in marketing manila sites.
>Are there any guidelines to how these files should be constrained?
>Bruce C

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