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Sean Elfstrom selfstro at imagiq.com
Thu Jan 23 21:45:34 PST 2003

At 1:42 PM -0800 1/23/2003, Nathaniel I. Cordova wrote:
>Hi Folks:
>I've decided I want to restart my Apache server. I'm running Frontier 9, and
>creating some Manila sites for my students. Besides the messages I've found
>on the Userland pages about Frontier or Mac OSX, is there any other source
>of information on how to do this?

If you take a look at userland.portforward, you'll find an example of how to use unix shell commands from Frontier. The following command will restart apache gracefully:

sudo /usr/sbin/apachectl graceful

You can learn more about apachectl with "man apachectl" in the Terminal.

Good Luck!

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