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Dylan Parker
Sun, 29 Jul 2001 09:07:24 -0700

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> on 28/07/01 11:09 pm, Dylan Parker at wrote:
> > Q1 . Is there any way to use Manila's linking syntax (ie putting the story
> > name in double-quotes) with custom hot-text WITHOUT handcoding the HTML? I
> > saw the relativeLink macro, but I think it only allows a specific URL and
> > not a double-quoted reference. Is this correct? I want to do something like
> > { createLink ("Click Here", "StoryNameReference") }
> Which is one of the oldest verbs around. Predates Manila by about 4-5 years.
> I'm not sure if it'll be legal on your site mind.

Excellent... bit of a non-intuitive name.. or at least it is at my current
understanding level. Strangely enough, it seems that the LESS computer
experience you have the quicker it might be to understand Manila. I find
I'm constantly doing this mapping of terms (story=page, picture=image,
gem=some file, etc) to figure out how to do what I want.

> > Q2 . Is it possible to write your own Macros? I am just giving Manila a try
> > online right now.. and haven't purchased/installed Frontier locally yet..
> > so maybe when you purchased... macro-creation capability and dox are part
> > of the distribution?
> Yes, it's easy to write macros, or even duplicate and modify. What I like
> about Usertalk is the ability to double click on a verb for a browser window
> to open with the verb from docserver locally or off the web, it's also a
> root available for download. Double clicking plus command - omm - takes you
> to that verb in the database.

Cool. I've just put in a request of a Trial version of Frontier so that I
can play locally with the whole system, rather than just the subset called
Thanks for the prompt replies Steve and Lawrence.

Dylan Parker