Bug report? Please help!

Manila-Newbies@userland.com Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Mon, 30 Jul 2001 16:35:43 -0400

I've experienced some odd rendering problems with Manila in Frontier v.
6.2.1 and v. 7.0.1 (on iMac 1st gen., running OS 8.6)  the last several
times I've attempted to render my site to the static server.  For selected
URLs the rendering  process doesn't work properly.  For example:

I have a story posted:


which I set a relative path for in the Site Structure area of the Advanced

<category msgNum="38" name="Member Resources" pathname="member_resources">
  <category name="Alerts & Bulletins" pathname="alerts_and_bulletins">
      <category msgNum="257" name="7/27/01 Weekly Bulletin" pathname
        <story msgNum="259" name="7/27/01 - INS to enlarge Inland-area
operation" pathname="265wba27july2001"/>
        <story msgNum="261" name="Las Vegas" pathname="266wba27july2001"/>
        <story msgNum="258" name="Australian Immigration" pathname

which I then refer to in html on my home page:

<a href

All of these relative links work perfectly while on the Manila site.
However, as soon as the site is rendered something quite strange happens:
the link, <a href
="/ACIPNet/member_resources/alerts_and_bulletins/70wb27july2001/"> becomes
<a href

 Manila duplicates the first number of the last element and adds a .html
extension even though I've specified this document as a category in the
site structure.  This rendering problem only occurs, however, for documents
three levels deep which are categories themselves.  For example, I have
another document in the same location as this document within the site

<category msgNum="38" name="Member Resources" pathname="member_resources">
  <category name="Alerts & Bulletins" pathname="alerts_and_bulletins">

<story msgNum="189" name="3/20/01 - H-1B Numbers Hit 72,000" pathname



It is on the same level as the previous document, beneath member_resources
and alerts_and_bulletins, but, because it is simply a story the relative
URL renders correctly!

Please help!  I have a lot of documents on my static site with improper
relative links and the Site Structure code is the same I've been using,
successfully, for quite some time.  If this isn't a bug, could you please
point me in the right direction to fix my own error!


Chris Funk