Membership/Bulletin Problems

Don Wolff
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 17:57:09 -0800

Have looked for this problem on the newbies site, to no avail. I am hosting
about 15 sites, and one of the features that one of my users would like to
take advantage of is the bulletins feature to all of the members, which is
where the problem lies. None of my sites are showing any members listed as
being members, and thus no bulletins are able to be sent.

When I go to there is no one there, even
though I just joined as three different users. Does anyone have any thoughts
or ideas on this?

Could this also be related to the fact that I have configured my Frontier
server to display as When I did that I
also lost the ability to use the gems feature. Any help on either of these
would be greatly appreciated



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