You are here hierarchyPath?

Donovan Watts
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:39:12 -0800

Hi Ken... Any chance I can get the customized handler as well? Does it work
for static rendered sites?

on 11/19/01 6:41 AM, Ken Dow at Me@KenDow.Com wrote:

> It's not the setting Barry - you used a customized #objectNotFound
> handler in the one site to get the You Are Here effect. I know this
> because I sent it to you :-)  You'll have to copy that same script
> into the other sites. You can also write a
> config.manila.callbacks.newSite script to copy this script into each
> new site that gets created. HTH.
>> By using the hiearychPath macro, I have one site that works perfectly
>> providing the:
>> You are here:  Level>level2>level3>story
>> The rest of my sites do:
>> PREV|NEXT|story
>> Where am I missing a setting?

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