<bayly.root> is pirate-ware?

Scott Granneman Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 14:25:15 -0600

Well, I for one think this is a pretty important discussion.

Here we have a pretty important plugin, used by a lot of people. And 
here we also have the guy that invented the system that the plugin is 
designed to enhance telling us that it's pirate-ware!

I want to follow this discussion! The outcomes of it will affect my 
company, which has made a strong commitment to Manila, and which has 
also started to investigate and use some of Mr. Bayly's plugins.

So how do we do this? Ping-pong between Web sites? Or what?



Dave Winer wrote:

> OK, cool, before even looking at your page, let's take this discussion off
> Manila-Newbies. It totally doesn't belong on this mail list. You did the
> right thing by posting your comments on your site, whatever they are. Dave

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