why can't i edit my homepage? Please help me.

Andy Sylvester Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Sun, 25 Nov 2001 07:55:54 -0800

Greg -

There are a number of ways to edit the home page. One way is to edit 
the message that is displayed on the home page (for your site, this 
seems to be message 1). To do that, log into your site, click on the 
Discuss item at the top of the page, select the message, and click 
"Edit This Page". This is assuming that you are editing messages in 
the browser.

An easy way to flip your home page is to create a new message, then 
make that message the home page.

If you could tell us a little more about the steps you are taking, 
that might help to debug the problem.

Andy Sylvester

>5 hours later and I still can't edit my home page. For the love of 
>God will someone please help me. I created a new site on 
>weblogger.com (<http://ivs.weblogger.com>http://ivs.weblogger.com) 
>and I followed the 'simple' instructions to the letter and now my 
>homepage is a mute mutant which refuses to allow any changes 
>whatsoever, outside of themes and adding or removing the calendar. 
>Please help me and save my sanity. I already told my boss what a 
>great thing this is and now I look like a total asshole. I should 
>have known better...
>Thank you,
>Greg Remillard