Subscribing to Story Updates? 2

Guy Bjerke
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 18:40:37 -0700

I understand Manila is not an email system.

When I read a discussion item or post a response I can check the box and
subscribe to receive, via email, any future posts to that discussion

I would like members to be able to subscribe to receive, via email, any
updates to the original story - which, of course, is really a transformed
discussion message.  Ideally the dialog box would appear under the story.
Or could each story have a "subscribe" link that took the viewer to the
discussion message and then, via an anchor, to the dialog box where they
could subscribe to either future responses or updates to the original story.

I don't mean to try anyone's patience - I don't really know enough about
what's involved.  Just asking.