new home
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 18:32:56 +0200

Aha!!! Thanks!

I can only imagine but it must be a great feeling to be part of something
that touches so many people.....

Keep up the great work!


"Lawrence Lee" <> on 10/12/2001 05:58:45

Please respond to

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Hi Rick,

No, you won't notice any changes editing your Manila site through the
browser-based interface with the planned changes to The
newhome site is a transition site for the site that was a
recently updated weblogs service.


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> I just read
> But does this also mean that the webbased interface will
> disappear? I'm currently using Adam Curry's blog community,
> which is running Manila and is updated frequently. Would this
> then impact my webbased interface? I mostly update from the
> office and due to various reasons I'm not able to update
> through XML here.
> Thanks!
> Rick.