Manila changes 10/15/01

Brent Simmons
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 21:52:45 -0700 (PDT)

Love Manila Month continues in its second month. Here are changes made

***404 Not Found pages

When a request for a page in a given site doesn't exist, Manila generates
a 404 Not Found page rather than a scriptError page. An HTTP 404 code is
returned to the browser.

Here's an example page:

***RSS generation bug fixes

1. Links are left inside the <description> element, so when there is more
than one link an automated reader will get them all. (Note: this was
already true of Manila sites with News Items turned on.)

2. The parser is no longer case-sensitive, which should generate better
feeds. Less often will you get one big item for the entire page.

3. The parser is less strict about the format of a link. Previously it
would only find links of the form <a href="...>, but now it can find links
of the form <A target="foo" HREf = "...> and so on.

4. User-created XML errors in News Items sites no longer prevent the
generation of an RSS feed with an error message.

The above changes will appear on UserLand servers when they update
tonight. Server admins should update manila.root.