new xml-rpc notification

Paul Victor Novarese
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 13:26:28 -0400

++ 25/10/01 09:50 -0700 - Lawrence Lee:
> Hi Paul,
> I see lots of sites in the changes.xml file, so the
> changes to use the new seems to have been setup at
> weblogger.
> Can you check your Editorial prefs page and see if you have "Do you want
> to send notices of home page updates to Weblogs.Com?" set to "Yes".

Hmm.  It was set to "Yes" - I then set it to "no," then changed it back
to "Yes," then flipped the home page and added some text, but no luck.

I'm looking at the xml feed washed through Aaron Cope's xsl sheet, and
I'm seeing other weblogs added to the top of the updates (inluding, as
you said, sites), but not mine :(

Paul Victor Novarese         
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