new xml-rpc notification

Lawrence Lee
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 11:15:30 -0700

Try pasting this into your weblog:

aaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Also, it takes a bit for to come check your site (within the


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> From: Paul Victor Novarese
> Sent: October 25, 2001 10:26 AM
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> Subject: Re: new xml-rpc notification

> Hmm.  It was set to "Yes" - I then set it to "no," then 
> changed it back to "Yes," then flipped the home page and 
> added some text, but no luck.
> I'm looking at the xml feed washed through Aaron Cope's xsl 
> sheet, and I'm seeing other weblogs added to the top of the 
> updates (inluding, as you said, sites), but not mine :(