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Peter Harbeson
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 08:59:20 -0400

RDF = Resource Description Framework. It's a WorldWide Web Consortium 
(W3C) specification for structured metadata. The spec is here:  If you have access to Scientific American, 
there's a recent cover story (May or June 2001 issue) about the 
"Semantic Web" that essentially describes the WWW as it might be if RDF 
were universally adopted.

RDF represents quite a contrast to RSS; where RSS is simple and 
straightforward, RDF is quite complex; where RSS has been implemented a 
number of times and works well, RDF (as far as I know) has yet to be 

Personally, I think RDF as it is today will never be implemented; it's 
far too obscure and complex for the benefits it offers. I work with one 
of the co-authors of the spec; we argue about this all the time.

-Pete harbeson

On Monday, September 3, 2001, at 10:58 PM, Don Saklad wrote:

> Thank you for further explication Peter Harbeson!
> In re 3. It would be of interest to know what the originator
>           of the skull might have had in mind thematically
>           and metaphorically with respect to this usage!
> In re 2. What do the letters  RDF  represent mnemonically?...
> Cheers!
> oo__ dWs