mailStory macro doesn't understand memberships?

Fri, 7 Sep 2001 15:23:01 -0400

Why doesn't the new mailStory macro understand membership status?

This business about not being able tell who's sending is one thing.  But
ignoring the long-present functionality provided by site membership seems

At the very least it seems the mailStory function should be able to
auto-complete the from address based on your membership to a site.  This
would go a LONG way toward avoiding abuse.

The yahoo (egroups) system does an excellent job of this.  Upon logging into
one of their groups you can send mail directly to users via a web interface.
No cutting/pasting or typing anything.  In fact, they also obfuscate the
e-mail addresses of anyone shown.  This doesn't keep you from mailing.  I
won't bother with more explanation.  Suffice to say, that interface seems
rather well thought out.  Perhaps it should be mimicked here.

Of course, this leads into the larger question of multi-site membership
linkage.  But that's another topic.

-Bill Kearney