New Mail macro doesn't work on static sites

Susan Kitchens
Fri, 7 Sep 01 17:21:32 -0700

Cool new feature! Works nicely on dynamic Manila sites. However, when 
rendered to a static page, the resulting url for the mail page doesn't 
refer back to the dyamic site, with a result of a 404.

Gory details of my test are as follows 
(also posted on

Static Mail-this-story test results: NO GO (so far) 
I activated the macro on the dynamic site, dusted off a story that's 
mostly notes-to-myself about links about Manila News Items, gave it a 
relative URL and rendered the static page. The "Send This Story" link 
does appear in the bottom of the page, but, when clicked, it results in a 

Dynamic site (it works!) 

*	story url: 
*	mail url:$2235 

Static site (it doesn't completely work) 

*	story url: 
*	mail story:$2235 [404 

Somehow Manila doesn't know to write the link to refer back to the 
dynamic site, in the same way that a 'discuss' link needs to go back to 
the dyamic site. 

Hope this helps for fine-tuning!



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