one more: truncated msg needs closing tags before begin mailto form

Susan Kitchens
Fri, 7 Sep 01 17:37:30 -0700

Greets! But wait, there's more!

The truncated message displayed on the mail page needs to automatically 
supply closing tags to any tags that were opened before the page displays 
the business of email addresses, forms, etc. 

The story I tested on happens to contain a humongous unordered list. That 
was truncated, and there were no </ul> tags. As a result, the mail 
section was rendered as part of the list. Links are weird, the submit 
button didn't work. 

for reference: here's the story URL that, once you click the mail story 
link, will show weird display: 


p.s. I get that referer thing, too. If I copy and paste the url of the 
mail story, I get the Frontier referer error that was mentioned earlier 
in this message thread. But post it on any page, even if it's not the 
referring story, and lo, it all works.

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