REPOSTED - Server connections question

Lawrence Lee
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:35:06 -0700

This thread from August 2000 might provide some tips from Andre Radke:$5262

"Christoph: What is it good for? Does this improve the reliability? If
it helps, why isn't that the default setting?

It is the maximum number of simultaneous connections that Frontier will
accept on the HTTP port. What is a good number for your server depends
on the processor power, the bandwith available to the server, the likely
number of simultaneous connections, the connection speed of the users

For serving Manila sites, most of the processor power used for
processing a request is spend on building the page. Reading the user
agent's request and sending the response does not burn a lot of
processor power.

In Erin's case, 40 might be a bit too much. We use 20 or 25 on most of
the UserLand.Com servers."


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> I understand that if the server is underpowered, increasing 
> the number 
> of connections may cause problems. But if the server is adequate, are 
> there any other ramifications of changing the number? Would 100 be OK?
> What do other people have it set to?
> Thanks!
> Scott