Can't connect to server

Joseph Cerro
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:40:47 -0400

Are you behind a firewall? Corporate PCs are often configured to use a proxy
server or a firewall device for numeric IP urls (which would include ). Essentially, computers using tcp/ip networking interpret the
address "" to mean "the network card inside the computer trying to
interpret the address". This is why I can use  from my PC to
access a web server running on my pc. If I try the same url ON my neighbor's PC,
it will access a web server running on my neighbor's PC, not the one on my PC.

Anyway, what happens with some proxy servers is that your browser will intercept
a request for and pass it directly to the proxy server. When
the url gets to the proxy server, now means "the network card in the
proxy server", rather than "the network card inside your pc". Since Manila is
probably not running on the proxy server, you'll get an error.

You can try to use this url instead ( http://localhost ) or adjust your
browser/proxy settings to ignore proxies for local connections.


>Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 20:08:16 +0000
>Subject: Can't connect to server
>From: Douglas Wagner <>

>When I open the control panel in Manila and click on the default website
>I find I can't connect to the server. The same problem occurs when I
>attempt to create a new site.

>I've asked this question before. Can I use Explorer to connect to a
>Manila server which is hosted on the same machine? At the moment I have
>no other way of exploring a Manila server?