AGAIN: Named element typography elements are now hosed

David A. Bayly
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 17:56:20 +0100

I know its so, because I noticed it too when I went to 8.0.5 (Mac). I 
don't use MS browsers or the WYSIWYG tool , so that's not it.

I looked in and I see a 
lot of entries that don't seem to be iso standard. There's another 
table for windows servers.   That's likely the cause, but I have no 
idea why it was done and why  there wasn't anything in the patch 
notices about the change.

At 11:21 -0500 02/04/16, Michael Fraase wrote:
>Last week, I posted this problem. No response, so I'm trying again, this
>time with a translation into UserLand bug-reporting language....
>Published an article using named typographic elements like ’ for a
>right single quote, — for an em-dash, etc.
>Manila/Frontier to display the named typographic elements properly.
>Manila/Frontier "translated" the carefully, hand-crafted named
>typographic elements into the evil Microsoft pseudo-equivalents. Not
>only does this make the article not display properly in non-Microsoft
>browsers, it screws up the rss.xml file (with an error at the first
>instance of a "translated" named typographic element).
>While I recognize that some of the traditionally used named typographic
>elements are not formally defined by HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0, they work in
>every browser on every platform of which I'm aware. Microsoft's evil
>alternatives don't.
>Please cc me directly with any response, as I'm digestified.
>Michael Fraase
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