Can't connect to server (Jim Byrne)

Jim Byrne
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 10:48:35 +0100

on 16/4/02 10:54 pm, Douglas Wagner at wrote:

> I can regain access to the Control Panel by running Setup Frontier.
> That produces the error: Can't create the website for "createASite"
> because it already exists. (That little gotcha could be removed I'm sure)

There should be entries for 'CreateASite' in your members, ManilaWebsites,
discuss, and config (see manila/sites) databases. If one of these is missing
I suggest you delete them all and then run setup again. I am assuming that
the CreateASite Website is being created as part of the setup - and because
parts of it is already there, the setup is not able to complete the process

If you want to try re-installing from scratch, there is a preference at
user.prefs.firstRootRun; set it to true.

Just some suggestions - it might be an idea to get feedback from others
about the above - just in case it's not a good idea to try to start from
scratch again - for some reason I can't see at the moment.

All the best,

> As usual, when I try I get the log
> in dialog and I can list the prefs, default and test websites I've
> created.
> However, I can't access any of them. Error is: Connection failure has
> occurred
> DW

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