Can't connect to server

Douglas Wagner
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 22:14:17 +0100

Hello Jim:
Thanks once again for your assistance.

I check the various databases as you suggested. I found 
manilaWebsites.root, as usual, had not loaded when I started Frontier. 
So I've trashed Frontier entirely and reinstalled.

I enter "" as mail host and "" as the server 
I enter what I understand is the "Frontier server admin" password.
And, later, my "MacOS system admin" password, to enable portforwarding.

This time I received the error "Port forwarding failed" and then a few 
minutes later,
"A connection failure occurred".

On previous occasions the setup procedure seems to have run through 
without mishap. Nevertheless, even at those times, I've not been able to 
connect to the server.

This time, as before, I can open the control panel. On the page 
<>, I find I can't connect to 
either "createASite" or to "Douglas Wagner"