[Bug?] Problem with manilaSuite.html.editorialLinks

Philippe Martin Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 17:26:16 +0200

Hi UserLand,

Why do editorial links built for editors use relative URLs, instead of using absolute URLs like editorial links built for managing editors? There must be a reason, because there is an explicit conditional block only to choose between the two, but I just can't figure it out (this conditional is under the bundle that starts with "bundle //PBS 02/23/00: add any plug-ins to the Editors only menu [...]").

Problem is: the relative link assumes that there will always be only one level in the plugin's table. But it's not always the case. Here's a real-life example:

I have a plugin (let's call it "myPlugin") that adds an eponymous subtable to the site's table. This subtable contains several pages at first level that are accessible to every user, and a subtable called "admin" containing the pages accessible to editors and managing editors only. The entry point for this admin "folder" is the link in the editorialLinks bar, so the url at #plugins.enabled.myPlugin is "myPlugin/admin/preferences" instead of just "myPlugin/".

When viewing the page "mySite/myPlugin/index", a managing editor will see a link to the preferences page in the editorialLinks, pointing to "mySite/myPlugin/admin/preferences" (an absolute url). Fine. 

But on the same page, an editor will see this link pointing to "mySite/myPlugin/myPlugin/admin/preferences" (a relative url starting with the second "myPlugin"). Of course, it's even worse when the link appears on a deeper page, like "mySite/myPlugin/admin/import", for example.

Why to make a difference between editors and managing editors, here? I can see no benefit at all. This makes no difference when the plugin's table is only one level, and it always breaks the editor's links when there are several levels. 

I can't see either what could be broken by removing that conditional block and building links with absolute URLs only. Could you please consider doing it? 

Thank you and best regards,

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