[Bug?] Problem with manilaSuite.html.editorialLinks

David A. Bayly Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 18:31:40 +0100

>Hi UserLand,
>Why do editorial links built for editors use relative URLs, instead 
>of using absolute URLs like editorial links built for managing 
>editors? There must be a reason, because there is an explicit 
>conditional block only to choose between the two, but I just can't 
>figure it out (this conditional is under the bundle that starts with 
>"bundle //PBS 02/23/00: add any plug-ins to the Editors only menu 


>I can't see either what could be broken by removing that conditional 
>block and building links with absolute URLs only. Could you please 
>consider doing it?
>Thank you and best regards,

If we are looking at the same place, the conditional is not whether 
the current page is generated for an editor, but whether the obscure 
editors only flag in the plugin config table opens the  plugin to non 
ME editors or not.

The test is needed,  because it omits a link if the user isn't 
permitted to use the plugin,  but there's no need to make a relative 
link, that looks like an oversight to me.

To recap, I'd chnage it to this.

>if adrConfig^.flAddToEditorsOnlyMenu {
>	if flManagingEditor {
>		addLink (pluginName, baseURL + adrItem^)}
>	else {
>		if adrConfig^.flEditors {
>			addLink (pluginName, baseURL + adrItem^)}}} 
>=AB02/08/05, 18:28:16 by DAB after Phillipe

Thanks for this, I've seen it too and never investigated.

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