Dynamic IP problem

Gino Roncaglia Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 01:22:05 +0100

I have just installed Frontier and Manila on my computer, but I have
some problems apparently connected with URL and IP settings.

I have a small home network of 3 computers, all connected to the net
through an ADSL router+switcher. Each computer has its (dummy) IP
address 192.168.1.xx . My router is instructed to use one of the
computer as HTTP server.

My ISP only gives me dynamic IP address, and I use dyndns to associate a
static url of the form myhost.dyndsn.org to my dynamic IP address.

Using IIS, I had no problem in publishing my site on the server and
reaching it through the 'myhost.dyndns.org' address.

When I uninstalled IIS and installed Frontier - which is now the only
web server running - the default Manila home site was automatically
created using the (dummy) IP address of the server: I can
work on it from my computer, but when I try to reach it from outside
using the 'myhost.dyndns.org' address I only seem able to reach the home
page: all subsequent operations - like logging in, reading sub-sites...
- give me a page not found error. Apparently, Manila uses the dummy address as basic url for all those tasks, and of course
this url won't work from outside my network.

I tried to substitute in the Manage Stie:Home page of the Admin site the
default url with http://myhost.dynamicdns.org : I
don't know if this works from outside my network (my be I should
substitute the new url to ALL the instances of in
the Admin pages??), but if I make this substitution it seems that I can
no longer work on the site from INSIDE my network (I get a page not
found error).

May be it's a dummy question with a simple answer... but I am really a
newbie here. Any suggestion?


Gino Roncaglia

Dr. Gino Roncaglia
Universita' della Tuscia
Istituto di Scienze umane