How to make the weblog more accessible for people using vocalization software.

Jim Byrne
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 15:38:54 +0000

I suggest you learn a little basic HTML,  take a deep breath, copy the
weblog template into a text editor, strip out all the HTML leaving just the
macros, and then add your own basic HTML. Copy the resulting template back
into your weblog application - and breath out.

Scary - but it will free you up from being controlled by the application -
and you will be able to fix the page yourself when it screws up.

If you web pages is primarily aimed at people who are blind or visually
impaired they will thank you for providing them with a page that is simple
to understand; and if you have headings and links that use text describing
the pages that are linked to - many user will be able to summarise the pages
using their screen reading software.

Read this page first:
Then this page:
Then this page:
Then this accessible overview of the W3C guidelines:

All the best,

on 12/13/02 3:20 PM, Don Saklad at wrote:

> Thank you Jim Byrne!
> The difficulty with that instructive material is it's for people
> with a good understanding of how to do those things. For the rest
> of us just using the format as provided, the instructive information
> needs to detail step by step how to do it...

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