Permalink for news items mainResponder error

Brent Simmons
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:07:42 -0800

If you take the {permalink} macro out of your template, are you able 
to post again?


At 8:45 PM -0600 2/13/02, Michael Fraase wrote:
>I updated manila.root to get the Permalink update and added the macro to
>my News Item Template.
>Now when I post a news item, I get the following error:
>Sorry! There was an error: Can't coerce the value to a date.
>The error was detected by Frontier 7.0.1 in mainResponder.respond.
>Please cc me directly; I'm on the digest.
>Michael Fraase
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>3D85 F3F4 9E65 4949 176A  260C CB47 190D C864 9A96