Oops I should have Saved Sooner

Manila-Newbies@userland.com Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 01:20:20 EST

I am a newbie at Manila.

Sometimes when I key in a chunk of text then press POST at the bottom to 
capture what I just edited, Manila seems to lose it.  I get that standard 
error message about the target web site not being available.  Here is a 
humorous web site based on that standard error message so you know what I am 
talking about.

Read the fine print & check out some of the links on the bottom.
Don't forget to right-click on the page too

There's other URLs that are like this & some day I will have a Manila site 
that collects links to a bunch of similar "humor" like

I get different kinds of things happen to me in association with "this page 
cannot be displayed" when I am at a Manila site.
I did a Refresh today & got 
UserLand Frontier Server Error
Sorry! There was an error: Can't find a sub-table named "postArgs".
The error was detected by Frontier 7.0.1 in mainResponder.respond.
I printed the page & on the bottom was link

I pushed the back button on my browser & it was like it was ready for me to 
start keying in text & had forgotten everything I had done.  So I rekeyed it 
& second try posted Ok.

On another occasion today after I tried to post something I saw on the bottom 
where it went from 45% done to 38% done & the % climbed & climbed & then fell 
back again ... it went around that loop several times.
I thought I was going to lose it again, but then the hour glass fell off the 
post button & cursor returned to bottom of doc with text still intact & I 
pressed post again & zoom everything came up roses.

My question is ... when this happens to me, what's the best way to avoid 
losing what I keyed in, or am I just out of luck?

I am using some sites that were setup by my e-friend JT, that are for private 
discussion between a small group of people at each one, for specialized 
software projects.

is discussing what's involved in a conversion between HP and IBM platforms

is discussing translating ERP objects such as error messages & help text from 
English to Spanish 

& we have other really interesting specialized projects we scoping out if 
they are doable

After JT gets me trained good on Manila, I plan to setup a site that will 
host Time Travel simulation games, a site where people link to various kinds 
of humor, and I have other ideas for cool stuff to try.

MacWheel99@aol.com (Alister Wm Macintyre) (Al Mac)