Manila-Newbies digest, Vol 1 #131 - 8 msgs

Sam DeVore
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:45:24 -0700

>Mac: Thanks, but I think it's something else (although I'll have the
>user see if the site will send him his password). In our case, though,
>the userid isn't even showing up in the official members list on the
>site, so I think it has to be something more complex than a password
>Anyone one else want to take a shot at it? This is the first semester
>we're hosting sites for other courses on our server (we've been using it
>ourselves for a year or so), so I want to avoid any fatal errors (and a
>student not being able to log into the class disussion for several weeks
>would qualify as a fatal error in this context).

If you have access to the server you could look in the users table in 
the #membership table in the manilawebsites root for that site and 
see if a table for that email address is there.  If it is delete it 
and let them join again.  Also is it possible that the user has been 
blocked (there is an interface for that on the admin page)  Try 
entering the email address in the unblock a member box and see, I 
have had users block a member rather then delete them.

Also proxies can cause a lot of strange behavior when they are 
misconfigured (a common occurence for us in our district.)

sam d

>>  From:
>>  Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 23:52:37 EST
>>  Subject: Re: Membership problem (can't log in, can't delete)
>>  To:
>>  I have had places that were case sensitive or that somehow
>>  got the "L" of  Wheel in there as digit 1
>>  Once the site gets something messed up & the end user is
>>  keying the correct thing ... there can be a problem. 
>>  When we have one person setup an account
>  > on behalf of another person there is grave risk of
>  > transcription error in  name or e-mail.

Samuel C. DeVore
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