Membership problem (can't log in, can't delete)
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:38:58 EST


I think I have found a BUG in how this system works, that might bear on your 
We setup a site for Editors Only.
Then we forgot that we had done that.
Then later we tried to invite a new person to join our site & we made them an 
ordinary Member.

The welcome message went to the new person.
The new person tried to sign on, using the data from the welcome message & 
was refused because they not a member.
Initially we speculated the site was sluggish ... we have seen multiple cases 
of stuff going in that it does not "take" right away.
For example I added a bunch of stuff to COOL LINKS message # 4 & it was like 
many hours later before that showed up on our HOME page scroll.

Then we realized that we had set up the site for Editors only.
Admin has no place to change an existing member.
I tried to delete the member for purpose of re-entering as an Editor.
That failed ... telling me
Can't delete because this person is not a member.
Then I added same person again, this time making them an Editor.
It accepted it.
I now waiting to hear from that person if they got on Ok.

Now from this I have a speculation.
If a site is setup for Editors only & we try to add someone as a Member only.
That is an error & the site should give us an error message.
Instead, it does not add the person to the site, but it sends them a welcome 

We were also talking ... what is difference between 
Managing Editor
Contributing Editor
I have not yet found clarification of that in the FAQ. (Alister Wm Macintyre) (Al Mac)