Gems problem

Michael Fraase
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 17:17:32 -0600


I'm having problems getting gems to work on the root site on my server.
I've changed the site structure on the server so that goes to one of my sites instead of the
createASite default.

Everything has been working fine for a few months, except gems. I've
gone through the documentation and got gems working for all of my other
sites on the server except the root site. It seems that no matter what I
do, when I click "Gems" in the Editors menu, I get a "directory listings
must be enabled" error.

Gems work on all the other sites except the root site.

I've followed the directions here:

And can get to the appropriate directory (actually any of the
subdirectories within the /gems/ subdirectory). I'm thoroughly confused.

Ideas anyone?

Please cc me directly as I'm on the digest.


Michael Fraase
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