connection with server could not be established

John Rakestraw
Tue, 8 Jan 2002 21:33:51 -0600

Hi Manila-Newbies,

  I'm setting up a manilla site for my son's school. For several days
  the site has been available at

  I registered a much simpler domain name -- -- and tonight I set that up. I
  tested accessing the site from the computer on which Frontier sits.
  It worked fine. Then I tested it from another computer on the
  school's network, using the new domain name. It worked fine.

  Then I set up a second dummy site and put a redirect directive in
  the table so that the longer domain name
  ( would redirect to the new
  domain name. That worked fine, from both the computer on which Frontier
  sits and also from another computer on the school's network.

  I thought things were dandy.

  However, I came home and tested the new domain name from my
  computer. I received the error message "Internet Explorer cannot
  open the Internet site A
  connection with the server could not be established." I tried and received the same error
  message, but I noticed then that in the lower message bar the
  "conecting to..." message resolved for a moment to before the error message came on the

  I called the school and had someone there stop and restart Frontier.
  I still couldn't get to either site, but she was able to get to the
  site from both the Frontier computer and another computer on the

  I went back to the school and confirmed that I could get to the
  site. I confirmed that the URLs were listed correctly in, and that the URL in each case pointed
  to the right address, and that the kind is set to address. I then
  went to each database and reset the URL for each site.

  I came back home and found that I still can't get to the site. And I
  notice that now I no longer see the longer domain name resolve to
  the shorter one before I receive the error message.

  I suspect there's some simple mistake here, but I can't find it. Any
  ideas concerning why I could access the site from home before, using
  the longer domain name, and now I can get to it using either domain
  name from school but not from home?

John Rakestraw                
Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching