Using Verbs or Easy way to add time

Don Wolff
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 17:11:59 -0800

Thanks Sam tried that, but ran into a different problem I don't know how to
fix. When I enter the string {string.timestring(} and submit it I
get that printed out because the { and the } are being turned into the
{ and} respectively. Any way around this behavior?



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>I am trying to get an automated time to appear on web pages. I have been
>able to use some basic macros to get the day, date and month displayed, but
>haven't seen a Macro for time.
>Doing a little searching I found a verb (date.timeString
>(includeSeconds:false)) that will do what I want, but I don't yet
>how to make valid calls to verbs.
>Could someone help me with this?

you could try {string.timestring(}
This is legal on my server if it is not on yours you can make it so.

Sam D

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