Single sign-on across Manila sites?

Matt Carrico
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 01:09:59 -0800

This page may help you. It has a good example script with it.$55


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Subject: Single sign-on across Manila sites?

> So I'm looking through the documentation online, and I found this at 
> :
> "The URLs settings are used only when you want to share Membership
> between Manila sites. This is an advanced feature that requires Frontier
> scripting of the Manila servers to make it work. Unless you have
> Frontier access to both servers and an understanding of how the
> Membership system works in Frontier, these URLs should not be changed."
> As I understand this, if you become a member at, you can
> also automatically become a member at (assuming everything
> is set up correctly). I have two questions: 
> 1. Are Frontier scripts making this possible available anywhere? I'd
> love to see them. 
> 2. Does the ability to share membership across sites mean single sign-on
> across sites? In other words, if I sign in as a member at, & I
> then head over to, am I already logged in at
> Thanks!
> Scott
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