Manila Blog Layout Question

Dan Geiser
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 11:43:29 -0500

First let me say thanks of all for giving me some feedback on this.  I've 
inserted some questions below.

>>  On the front page of my weblog,,
>>  everything looks copacetic because I have 7 days worth of entries  on 
>>there but if you a pick a random page from the archive,
>>, the "body" portion  of the 
>>blog has a tendency to drift down and not stay flush against >>  the title 
>>area.  I've tried every HTML align command I think of and >>  none of them 
>>get things looking like the front page.  If someone >>  could lend me an 
>>idea with this I really would appreciate it.
>Dane, I took a  quick look at the 2 pages you mentioned in iCab (a
>macintosh browser) which has excellent error detection and
>recognition.  There are some clear table problems in the second
>page. There are also javascript errors on both pages and lot fo other less 
>serious errors.

When you say there are some clear table issues are you talking about issues 
you could see with your own eyes?  Or issues that the iCab browser 
complained about, i.e. syntax issues?

>Table problems will do the sort of thing  that you mention, though I
>have to say it looked fine in iCab,

This confuses me.  In this paragraph You say the page looks fine but up 
above seemed to imply that it didn't.  I've been over the HTML multiple 
times and I'm not missing any tag pairs or anything.

Thanks Again,
Dan Geiser <>

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