Making a link from a picture

David A. Bayly
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 21:40:37 +0000

The macro pictureRef is your friend.   See <>.

You set the glossRef parameter to the shortcut  you wnat to point to.

>I want to put the ASAP! graphic on the blog, and want it to serve a
>clickable link.  Putting in a picture is no problem.  But how to make the
>picture serve as a link instead of a place for a caption to appear eludes
>When I entered the following, what I got was the code showing on the blog,
>wrapped around the graphic:
>a href=""><img
>g" width=88 height=31 border=0 alt="ASAP!"></a
>Is there some syntax error in this?
>Thanks in advance!


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