"Can't read stream because the TCP connection..."

Dean Landsman Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 04:02:29 -0400

Sounds like you are describing what occurs in machines when the settings
(for reasons beyond the likes of me) go kerflooey.  The system somehow
confuses dial-up connections with broadband.

We've had the same issue, in other programs, where one machine is constantly
reporting  that the IP connection has timed out and is seeking a new network
connection.  Which is kind of odd, given that we use DSL lines for all the
PCs on the network.



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I use the Radio outliner to write my Manila blog. Lately when I save,
it usually unfailingly times out (I assume that's what happens) and
gives me an error message that says "Can't read stream because the
TCP connection was closed unexpectedly." Every change you see on my
blog right now is the result of about about 10 attempted saves. Very

Maybe this will help the diagnosis...

Right now the Status Message in my About Radio Userland window is
saying "Radio UserLand 8.0.3: 20.0MB free, 12:02:08AM; 3 threads; 8
hits." Now I'll try to save a change: making the new date/title
"Monday, July 8, 2002." Okay, now I'll try to save that change. The
Status Message says "Saving 'The Doc Searls Weblog: Monday, July 8,
2002'..." After about 30 seconds I get the "Can't read stream..."
error message. I say Okay to the message and the outline is still
titled Sunday, July 7, 2002. I repeat the same effort several more
times... it finally works.

I have the feeling the problem is at this end, but have no idea how
to solve it. Any help is welcome.