pre-Newbie Questions
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:09:37 +0100

We are evaluating Manila as a poss vehicle for our intranet. Who better to
ask than others who are already using the product.

Some quick answers (yes/no) as to whether the following are possible would
be useful in order to make a decision (though links to more detail would be
helpful should we go ahead, which seems likely):

Can we use Manila to :

Import users from csv file (name, e-mail, password, group(s), bulletins
on/off etc)(Then we can switch of join to complement
Remove comment on page from home page. (and stories, news etc), but not
post 'future' news - ie future events that would show up as a link on future
days on calendar, and only appear on news list on/after that date
'expire' stories, news etc so it is not on view but not deleted - possibly
to make a re-appearance. Perhaps put in an archive/temp holding area
Limit the size of a site

Can Manila run from IIS and/or Apache, rather than its own webserver? if
not, then from behind IIS and/or Apache? (I am presuming there is a howto
somewhere on the details)

I am also interested in scalability/response performance - are there some
stats somewhere to tell me about this with sample site sizes/number of
users/number of accesses etc?

I have tried to find answers in previous postings without success - if I
have missed anything,  I apologise - a link to the relevant question would
be appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation.
Andy Hawkins