Setting up Frontier questions:

James Byrne
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 21:16:21 +0000

I suggest you download a fresh copy and start again. Use the address of your
ISP's mail server - I think that should work. And as your IP

What do you mean by static Website creation? Do you mean the old Website
framework or using Manila to create a site served from a static server?

All the best,

on 15/3/02 10:32 pm, Mark Gillingham at wrote:

> Has anyone responded? For a trial, I would not start other web serving
> or worry about mail. Try as the address. That should work even
> on your PB. There is lots to learn in Frontier. 60 days may not be
> enough.
> Mark
> On Friday, March 15, 2002, at 01:46 PM, Douglas Wagner wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I've just started my 60 day exploration of Frontier and Manila. I'm
>> using a Wallstreet PowerBook running Mac OS 10.1.3. My only network
>> connection is by modem to my local ISP, which doesn't run Frontier. I'd
>> like to explore two areas: static web site creation and setting up and
>> using Frontier as a server on my PowerBook.
>> However, at the moment I'm stuck at installation. I have the serial
>> number but how do I find the domain name of my computer. As my machine
>> is stand alone, do I use a dummy IP number? I don't run a mail server,
>> of course.
>> If I turn on the html server as the installation guide recommends, will
>> this allow me to simulate a server on my machine? Serve documents to
>> myself as it were?
>> Thanks: DW

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