Setting up Frontier questions:

Mark Gillingham
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 11:56:21 -0600

As you say--constant activity is part of Frontier. Radio was created for 
folks like you (and others) who want to learn about Frontier, but don't 
have a constant connection to the Internet. With Radio, you can use 
Userland's constant server and your connection to it can be 
intermittant. Radio is 95% of what Frontier is. You can learn about all 
the tables, usertalk, callbacks, etc., just like in Frontier. So, I 
suggest uninstalling Frontier and installing Radio. Then read everything 
you can at the site.


On Saturday, March 16, 2002, at 04:41 AM, Douglas Wagner wrote:

> Hello:
> Further to the setup error:
> Returning to Frontier I find this error:
> <Can't create the website for "createASite" because it already exists.>
> And I notice Frontier is constantly active, repeatedly connecting to 
> "install frontier at Userland" and reporting "waiting for data".
> Is this some sort of normal background activity or does this indicate 
> an interrupted setup?
> Is there any formal documentation on how to set up Frontier and get the 
> server working?
> (Bearing in mind this evaluation copy will be running on a single 
> workstation with only a dialup connection).
> DW
Mark Gillingham