[Ann] CommentIt 2.6.6

Jim Byrne Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 14:05:39 +0000

The CommentIt Manila plugin has been updated.

Changes include:
Submit buttons can now be images.
Messages on the inspection page are sorted, to put those with the most
recent comments at the top.
Implement random Number of  comments from comments to a page.
The option for Managing Editors to see all comments, even if private or in

What is it?
CommentIt is a plugin by David Bayly and Jim Byrne lets visitors to your
site append comments to the bottom of your web pages. It's simple stuff,
visitors don't need to register to leave a comment; they read your page,
click the comment button and tell you what is on their mind (but you can
alter the default behaviour to suit yourself - read on to find out more).

Useful for sites where a full-blown discussion forum seems like overkill -
or if you just want to keep comments on the page they relate to. Also good
for bandwidth conservation - no need to click through ten pages to see ten
comments because they are all on the one page.

Now includes a powerful workgroups feature: only workgroup members can view
messages posted by other workgroup members. Particularly useful in an
educational setting.

Download the plugin from 3rd Party Plugins:

Documentation, full feature list and alternative download can be found at

If you have any problems with this latest release please get back to me
promptly with your bug report.

All the best,
Jim Byrne Project Director, The Making Connections Unit, Glasgow Caledonian
University, Glasgow G4 OBA, 0141 331 3893

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