Frontier->Manila mail tool?

Balzer, Ned
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:48:42 -0700

I am wondering if someone has already developed a Frontier tool that will do
the following (more or less): poll a POP mailbox and post the messages it
finds on a manila site?  

If so, 
- What form do the resulting posts take? Are they news items, stories,
discussion group items, or what?
- Does the tool handle attachments?  Are the attachments posted as gems?

I know of a RADIO tool that does this, but is there a tool which doesn't
require radio, just Frontier?

Thanks in advance for any info, and apologies in advance for the cross-post
-- I just didn't knwo where to post this and haven't found anything yet in
my searches.

-- Ned Balzer