Server problems? Backup and clean install advice

Hugh Nicoll
Mon, 13 May 2002 21:43:19 +0900

Greetings all,

I am having problems with my copy of Frontier 8.0.5 running on Mac OS
10.1.3. (G4/400 w 640 MB RAM: a 266 G3 upgraded with a NewerTech G4 ZIF)

I'm also running a copy of Radio on the same machine, which remains trouble

The situation in brief is that each time I try to build a new site, the
connection times out before the configuration is complete. A manual
inspection via Timbuktu reveals the new table in the manila, but I can't
login and set preferences.

This is especially troubling as I am scheduled to make a presentation on
using Manila web sites for collaborative education sites this coming

I would like to be able to show what I've been doing and allow workshop
participants to have a go and build a small experimental site as part of the
presentation. In a nutshell, I'm feeling a little panicky.

Tips and pointers from list gurus much appreciated. I've got back ups, so
what I'd like to do is "back up a few days" using the back up copies of the
root files, install a fresh copy of Frontier, move the existing sites into
the new install folder. Still struggling to find full answers to my
questions with the online archives.

Thanks in advance.

Hugh Nicoll, Miyazaki Municipal University
Funatsuka 1-1-2, Miyazaki-shi 880-8520 JAPAN

JALT2002, 22-24 November, Shizuoka: Waves of the Future