macro question

Sam DeVore
Tue, 14 May 2002 18:20:52 -0700

The place that I usually put macros is in user.html.macros  and the best
thing to do is ask there is so much knowledge out there in people.

Sam D

On 5/14/02 5:27 PM, "Balzer, Ned" <N.BALZER@CGNET.COM> wrote:

> I'm just starting out but I confess to much confusion about where to find
> and put things in Frontier.  What would be very helpful is a roadmap to the
> various roots in frontier (frontier.root, manila.root, manilawebsites.root,
> etc.)  Is there a book out there somewhere?  I've been reading webpages for
> 2 days now but can't seem to find the beginning of it all!!
> Thanks in advance.
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