Frontier Crashes

Tom McKenna
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 14:29:45 -0900


We've now made the big leap to offering courses on our Frontier
server. Unfortunately, though, we're still experiencing crashes that
seem to be related the the ability or inability of our site to
handle subscriptions. We're running Frontier 9 on a MacOSX server.

When we re-start Frontier, we often receive a number of
subscription-related error messages like "Can't update the root
because "The server,, returned error code 4.
Can't send you an update because the database "prefs.root" doesn't
return subscriptions...."

Could you please advise? I believe I have all subscriptions enabled
on our installation of Fontier. However, we do have portforwarding
enabled, in case that factors into the
troubleshooting at all.

Many thanks for any insights.

Tom McKenna
University of Alaska Southeast Professional Education Center
Juneau, Alaska