Setting Gem Folder Size in Frontier 9

Hugh Nicoll
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 13:35:26 +0900

Greetings all,

I have just upgraded my Frontier server version 9. Happily, the upgrade wen=
smoothly, with all my existing site databases intact, now being served just
fine in 9, on Mac OS 10.2.1.

With the new format for administering the server and hosted sites, I seem t=
have lost the ability to change the default folder size for gems. In the ne=
settings page menus:

Preferences > Manila > Static Files

Gems can be turned on and file path and URL set, but I can't find a setting=
parameter for defining the file space allocation for each site.

You can choose to allow Manila editors to upload files of any kind. These
files will be written to disk, and are intended to be served by a static
server like Apache or IIS.
=A0Check this box to allow editors to upload files of any type.
Folder for Gems:
URL for Gems:"

Is this now a site specific setting? If so, where might it be found? Also,
how important might it be to make an Apache server available for
occasionally serving gems to groups of 10 to 25 students? Anyone out there
with experience running Apache on OS X, particularly on the same machine as

Currently running two Frontier servers in 10.2.1
G4 400/640 MB RAM Frontier 9, Radio 8.0.8
G4 533/1152 MB RAM, Frontier 9


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