Accessibility. Low vision. Vocalization software.

Al Mac
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:57:33 -0500

I suggest that people interested in seeking templates that generate more 
accessible and usable web sites start with Mark Pilgrim's 30 days of more 
accessible weblogs in which he explains many of what the problems are and 
how to fix them.

Disabled people using the Internet often have a much bigger problem than 
having to deal with hostile web sites.  I share some of those problems here.

Keep in mind that most young people especially like the color combinations 
that are hostile to the eyes of older people, and those with impaired 
vision, and a majority of web creators, professionals even, could care less 
about potential customers of a lower economic internet interface, and 
deliberately create bandwidth blasts that make their sites non-usable to 
people with dial up interfaces.  Thus, if there are templates out there 
that are more compliant, those will not be very popular templates.  The 
most you can hope for are templates that help people, who care about all 
users, make truely usable and accessible web sites.

>How can the templates be made more compliant with guidelines for
>accessibility considering people with low vision and people using
>vocalization software that pronounces what appears on a screen?...

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